Actions Speak Louder Than Words

A phrase I am sure you have heard someone in your lifetime rattle off before. And I’m sure some of the times you’ve heard it, you may have just sort of rolled your eyes, been like I knowwwwww, and brushed it off as if it was nothing. But here I am to be the broken record that says it to you again because it really is the absolute truth. Your word is your bond, and your actions from what you say is what proves your worth. How do you want the world to see you? Do you want to be perceived as someone who can be valued? Or as someone who isn’t worth the time of day because you rarely act the way you say you are going to? It is all your choice.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with this is being 100% transparent with other individuals. My policy has been, and always will be that I don’t BS or beat around the bush. I don’t talk behind your back. Be woman (or man) enough to tell people how they are making you feel and don’t be that petty person that puts a friendly smiling mask on, then shows their true ugliness the second that person isn’t looking anymore. I can GUARANTEE you that it will not stay a secret. And it will be worse for you when the truth finally comes to light like it always does.

Lastly never EVER make assumptions. Weather it’s something you heard, read, saw, or were told, you’re probably wrong. Go to the source. Find out the absolute truth. All you get from assuming you know something is making a complete ass out of yourself because guess what?!! You were wrong. Approaching people can be very difficult I realize, and yes, there will be times where you still get lied to, but you can know in your own heart that you did the right thing. And your actions will be noticed by the people that matter, and you will find yourself surrounded by other individuals that are true to themselves as opposed to a bunch of people wearing masks to hide their true ugliness.

This blog comes at a time where I have been very very hurt by individuals wearing these masks. Sometimes hurt is something you will have to go through though in order to find the true beautiful people in your life. And honestly it is a quick way to get rid of the negative energies in your circle, and keep it only filled with peace and positivity. I’m speaking out to let you know, no matter what age, or how genuine you are, it happens to ALL OF US. and I also hope that this can help some of the people hiding, to finally ditch the mask, and become the beautiful person they had the potential to be all along 💜