Vegan?!?! 🌱

Are you insane?!?!

This was the main reaction I received when I shared with my friends that I was going to finally change my diet to entirely plant based foods. It wasn’t a completely sudden change, I had been dwelling on the idea for a while now just never acted upon it, but one day I got a wild hair, and jumped in headfirst.

I’ve been lactose intolerant for a long time now. When I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease in high school that was one of the fun things that came along with it. I will be completely honest with you though, I never listened. Cheese was my best friend 🧀. I could hear it in the refrigerator calling me at night. But until I completely removed it, I didn’t realize just how sick it was making me. I was swollen, stuffy, and my stomach was never really “right”. Is that a way any human being should live? And it was realistically all just because my brain was completely hooked on the stuff, not because I was in need of dairy nutritionally in any way.

What about Meat 🥩? How can you live with out chicken?! Burgers?! Steak? How??? Well, it’s really not that hard at all. Tofu is a wonderful thing. At first it’s a terrifying colorless, odorless, tasteless blob of nothing you have to turn into something cooked and delicious. I promise, it’s all about the brands in that department, and once you screw it up a few times, you figure it out, and tofu becomes quite delicious. Don’t even get me started on the wonder that is Tempeh! Drool!!!

The difference was truly almost instant. I felt like I was a completely different woman. My energy picked up, way easier to wake up in the morning, and I could see the puffiness just disappear off of my face. Did I crave meat? For a little while, yes. I did miss it. My favorite cheat meal was buffalo wings before this, so I was almost sacrificing a part of my soul here. Buffalo sauce is vegan though so I get to survive another day.

The true reality is, I feel like I’m an actual functioning human being now. I was so sick all the time that I was just used to it. Nobody should ever have to live like that. Once you realize that actually listening to your body is what you’re supposed to do, the transition isn’t hard at all. I could start going into the health facts, save the animals!, and environmental crap but I’m not here to preach all the benefits to you. If you care to know, you’ll go looking on your own, it’s not hard to find. I’m just here to tell my side of the story and say there might just be something to this whole vegan thing. Maybe I sparked someone else’s curiosity too…..