1 week and I’m a Skinny Coffee Babe for life!!!

Holy amazingness batman! I have been using Skinny Coffee for 6 days and let me tell you. I AM IN LOVE!!!! 😍😍😍 let me give you all of the details and I only speak the truth. 

First of all the taste is GREAT! I’m a would you like some coffee with that creamer type of gir usually but I drink this coffee black. And I actually enjoy it that way! It has a great flavor that isn’t overwhelming so you are ok even without the cream. I brew mine in a mini French press so that would be my recommended method for everyone. 

Now I know if you’ve dabbled in the weight loss teas like I have, some of them can have a terrible stomach ache effect. There is nothing like that from the coffee. All I felt was a great boost of energy in the morning and a very happy belly. Definitely something you have to be happy about! 

Now the picture above shows my progress after 6 days. ONLY 6 DAYS!!!!! That’s insanity!!! There was also 2 lbs of weight loss in the first 6 days. I feel so much better and this is only the beginning. I really can’t believe how awesome this product is working. I will definitely continue to use it and may or may not have just ordered 3 more months worth 🙊

Check back after the full 28 day cycle to see the next update!!! 

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