Happiness is a choice…… Choose wisely! 

So it has been quite some time since I have posted anything. And in that time I have retreated to do even more soul searching for myself. Sometimes you just need to hide out a a little in your own space to figure out What your soul needs to heal. The main lesson that I feel like the universe has been trying to teach me is that your own happiness is a conscious choice you make every single day. 

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up and the first thing you think to yourself is negative? I know personally I am a culprit of this all the time. And it affects how my entire day goes! Just one simple thought can change everything. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is a real thing. And in the last couple of months I’ve made myself think one happy thing in the mornings. This small change has affected my life greatly. But in all the right ways. I challenge you to try it too. 

My other suggestion to you is to find some way to meditate. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to do it in the traditional sense of the word. Find some activity that allows you to zone out from the world for a few minutes and get lost in your own thoughts. I use running as my time to do this, but there are many different things that could work. Even just heading out to a coffee shop to people watch. We never get alone time anymore. Especially with how extremely connected our smart devices keep us these days. So that’s the main key to a successful get away session, leave your phone behind! This personal time to listen to your soul everyday makes you that much more in tune with what you need on a spiritual level and can make all the difference. 

The power Of thought is real. And it can’t be ignored. Training my brain to be happy and think positively is changing my life. I don’t allow my happiness to be determined by outside forces anymore. I don’t give people the power to control my happiness either. If you start to take a small amount of your time to focus truly on making these changes daily, you can begin to find your true happiness too. It is still a work in progress and I am certainly not perfect myself, but I felt I needed to share just what has been going on in my brain 💜💓

2 thoughts on “Happiness is a choice…… Choose wisely! ”

  1. Always love to read your soul, K. Lee.
    I’ve been really down recently, and I’ve found solace in thinking positively about getting the things I want (like friendship & being loved)

    My meditate time is when I’m alone (which is most of my day unfortunately) and I just sit and think, and talk my Creator. It’s a little backwards from what you mentioned, see I’ve been alone for eighteen years so I’ve had a whole lot of time to do this. Now I seek friendship and companionship. Great advice in this blog, Ms. Lee. Thank you for sharing.

    PS: I like to “People Watch” too! I study them ; )


  2. I hear you, Kim. This is not quite what I was afraid it might be, but I like where you went with it. I myself have unfortunately had a pretty rough life, and it seems to be and flow with new, dumb shit that just pops up to try and derail everything. I have also struggled with very real things like anxiety and depression for most of my life, not simply because of some chemical imbalance, but as I explain to people from time to time, “Sometimes, like just sucks, and it makes you sad.”

    I agree with what you shared, the idea that trying to find something positive to think about, something positive to hold onto. I myself have tried to exercise that very thing in recent weeks/months, as I’m afraid I’ve hit another low point on this ride. This is something I think anyone can understand and try to apply to their life. That even if shit sucks right now, or for a long period of time, you can still choose to try and face it valiantly, you can be brave, and try to find that positive thing, that thing that makes you smile a little, or gives you a bit of hope for the future, and hold on to that thing as tightly as you can. Just doing that, while it’s not easy, can sometimes ease the tides of anxiety and negativity, or can help take your mind way from such dark places, so that the moment isn’t ruling you.

    I suppose the kind of “self help” platitude I’ve heard people share at times, that I DON’T like, is the base notion that “You can choose to be happy”. I think, agreeing with you (perhaps just with different words), you CAN choose to be POSITIVE, or try to maintain some positivity even in dark circumstances. But I honestly hate the notion that even if life sucks and there is a LOT of really negative shit swimming around you like sharks sometimes, that the reason you’re miserable is because you’re choosing to be, and that you can just decide to be happy, and will be. In my 30+ years of life, I’m afraid that simply isn’t how life works, let alone Happiness.

    I don’t believe that someone can choose to be happy. But I do believe they can find things to hold tightly to, to keep them afloat in seas of darkness, until that Light comes round, until real reasons to be Happy finally come their way. Those are my 2 cents anyway. Cheers, and good luck at King of Trios! I’ll be rooting for you and Thunderfrog.


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