Those three letters. “Positive Mental Attitude.” Seems like it is something so easy to obtain. Yet here we are, grumpy and groggy heading to work or school, and keeping the positivity is so quickly lost. What is your automatic reaction if someone cuts you off while you are in a rush somewhere? Or if, God forbid, you drop your coffee immediately after purchase. Suddenly you feel your temperature rising and the anger ignites. Moments like these have the power to completely sour your mood for the remainder of the day, and when you really start to think about that, it’s fairly scary.
The expression “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” Is very real. But what starts to happen if we take a few moments to think positive and find the good in all situations? Yes you were cut off, but so much worse could have happened, and you are still going to get where you are headed regardless. And trust me when I say coffee is an essential to my day to day life, And when you finally get that first sip it is glorious. It really is a devastating feeling if you drop it and don’t get to enjoy the caffeine you went out of your way to stop and purchase that morning, But what happens if the clerk sees this happen and offers to make you a new drink free of charge? Or yes, it may not be the fancy new Macchiato on the block, but there is still a pot of hot coffee waiting for you once you get to where you are headed.
Life is tough. We face new struggles every single day and that is never going to change. It is part of the beauty of being alive. We have obstacles put in our way to make us stronger as human beings all around. It is how we behave when we face these challenges that makes all the difference. We are faced with a choice, To back down and let the problem win, ruin the rest of the day for us and cause us to check out and miss the beauty life has to offer. Or, we can choose to understand that these things will happen, there is a lesson to be learned in every situation, and to keep on smiling because that alone could change the course of another’s day for the better.

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