I Love You Grandma ❀️

So I’m on the road for my Midwest tour for Chikara pro and this is probably going to end up being one of the hardest trips I ever have to be a part of. My grandma is currently in the hospital with renal failure, and at the young age of 94, it’s only a matter of time. 

Of course all I want is for her to hang in there so I can make it home to see her, but that’s a bit of a long shot for sure. At the same time did I make the wrong decision to honor my commitments this weekend? Should I have went home and ditched my tiara? It’s a lot to wrestle around with.

After I did for a while though, and after talking to my mom, I know I’m where my grandma would want me to be. She supported my wrestling even before my mother did, and I know she would want all the little girls to still get to meet the princess. Heck my grandma was so on point with her outfits, makeup, and hair that she probably wouldn’t want me to see her because she wouldn’t want me to remember her like she is now. 

I did get to say I love you on the phone. Even with the morphine drip she woke up and smiled and knew her little Kimberly was calling her. I can’t ask for much more then being able to tell her I love her, because most people don’t even get that opportunity. 

I Love You Grandma, with all of my heart and I know you will be with me this weekend watching over me. I hope I can make you proud, because this is all for you ❀️. 


2 thoughts on “I Love You Grandma ❀️”

  1. My grandmother just died. It’s hard,but an unfortunate eventuality. She actually said she thought it was better that we didn’t see her the way she was in the hospital.
    I think you made the right decision wrestling this weekend,the shows were booked before you knew and a commitment is a commitment.
    A lot of times your matches are highlights,especially since these days the C&C matches usually have the comedy spots and such that people really enjoy.


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