A week into my Teatox

So I’ve officially been drinking my Tiny Tea for a week so I feel it is time to check in and let you know of the results so far. 

I feel like the ritual of drinking my 3 cups of tea a day has really become something I truly enjoy. It’s a little moment for me to meditate and relax, and as my British friends will tell me, “enjoy a cuppa”. I feel more prepared to take on my day after the first cup, I get past the midday crash with the second, and the third helps me to wind down before dinner with a good book. 

The tea did make me a little nauseous for the first few days, but only because of the toxins that were on their way out of my body. That side effect is completely gone now though and I feel like my overall well being has improved so much. It’s amazing how much you don’t even realize having those leftover toxins lingering inside you can change your entire definition of what “feeling good” is. 


This is the part where I get really excited. Any bloat I had lingering is completely gone! And it’s only been a week! It’s like that little problem area I’ve always had on my stomach has finally decided to dissapear. Now I have always had a very active lifestyle, and I also pay attention to what I eat as well. You have to put in the work of you want to see the results! But if you do, this tea completely changes the game. So far, so AMAZING!!! 

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